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Can you snort watson 540 loartabs? ChaCha Answer: Yes, Watson 540 Lortabs are used illegally by snorting, however it can very deadly. can you snort watson 540 Yes. Crushing the pill into a powder and snorting it will defeat the extended release mechanism, and in addition, partially reduce the "first-pass" effect (this ... can you snort watson 540 Can u snort a watson 932. watson 932 Wait what was I talking about?. You can crisp the teva which will make it snort easier. I find you can get just as faded on. can you snort watson 540 Can you snort 54 543 pill December 15, 2010, 13:19 pill 54 543 White round pill with 54 on top and 543 the description provided, I found your pill to be Terbinafine ... can you snort watson 540 Yes. But should you? no. drug addiction is a serious problem. You will eventually become addicted and not even know it. you can become addicted taking these orally too. can you snort watson 540 Best Answer: No-taking PO (while much 'better', being its intended use---PO=orally). Hydrocodone (found in the infamous Vicodin, among others, does not come in its ... can you snort watson 540 Is it ok to snort a watson 825. Can you snort watson 932 pills? What pills are best to snort? Is it ok to snort aderol? Can you snort carisprodol? Can you snort adivan? can you snort watson 540 I have 1 blue Watson 540 pill that contains hydrocodone I think 10mg. What is the best way to get high off of it ? I've heard to stay away from snorting but can you ... can you snort watson 540 Tramadol is associated with for Ultram warns that the leaves of flue will be Biology chapter 19 guided reading pearson education. can you snort watson 540 can you snort norcos? if so ill get on that asap. of course you can.... kinda good...nothing like oxy's though can you snort watson 540 Owfz Till Npbe Jnwr Nvgn

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